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Happy Customer's email after receiving puppy

Hello! I just got back from the vet and decided I needed to update you about my puppy. She is a Yorkie/Shih tzu that I bought from you in Sept. 05 and I named her Margo. Everyone just loves her when I take her anywhere. Everyone at the vet office thinks she is just the cutest thing ever! I have been telling people about you constantly because I was so happy with the whole purchase and the outcome of the puppy.

She was so laid back from day one and she continues to amaze me with her intelligence. She is such a happy puppy. Today, the vet office asked for your number so they could refer some of their clients to you because they are so impressed with Margo!!! So I sent you a couple pictures, one is when she was a little smaller and then one for how she is now. Again thank you so much!!! I waited and looked for a puppy for two years and I couldn't have had a better experience. Your web page is forever saved in my favorites so when I have the room for a new addition, I know just where to go!!! Have a great day, Marisa Tynan

Marisa Tynan

Hi everyone!

I don't know if you remember us, but we traveled from Pensacola to Athens just to pick up the chihuahua/cairn terrier mix puppy around 10pm. We met up at a motorcycle shop to make the purchase because we were lost. But, we just wanted to give Sugar Creek Kennels an update on the little rascal. His name is Chuckie, and he is the most playful puppy there is! He sleeps on my bed in between his mommy and daddy. I can't find the words to thank you for this adorable puppy. Everyone that sees him has to stop and play with him. He loves to lay on his back to get tickeled, loves playing hide and seek, tries to play the dominant male in play biting, and loves to find fruit loops when they fall on the floor!

Thank you very much! This puppy has a loving family of 8 people that completely adores him! Everyone says he is too spoiled :-) for being a dog!


Jill & Jon

She made the flight well and is doing very well in her potty training.

She is very smart. I'm impressed.

We went to the pet store with her and gave the name of the kennel to some people that thought she was so cute. Everyone thought she was the cutest dog they ever saw. She's a Princess. Just exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much. I appreciate her and your handling of her.

Here are some pictures of Mya taken on November 20th 2005 . We are so pleased with her, and we love her to death. We will send more pictures as she gets older. Thank you again

Brandi and Bob DeVore

Subject: Yorki/poo

I just wanted to let you know how the yorki/poo we bought Sat. is doing. 
We named him Sulley and is already made himself at home.  My daughter thinks he is the cutest and loves that he cuddles with her instead all the time.  He has such a great time playing w/ our 3 year-old Jack Russel named Gracie and Gracie loves having a playmate.  The vet said he was completely healthy and we couldn't be happier.   Thanks again and I will send pictures soon.
Keriden Waldrop

I have been meaning to email you and thank you for our new puppy we purchased right before Christmas. We named him Maximus and he has made himself right at home with us. My inlaws were visiting during Christmas and fell in love with Maximus and asked me to keep an eye out if you have any more toy fox terriers to sell in the future. I just wanted to thank you for our little guy.

Best regards,

The Sullivan Family

> Hi, Anne.....we purchased a toy fox terrier from you in August and just

> wanted to send you pics of her. She's adorable and we've really enjoyed

> her. She's been learning new tricks, like how to sit and stay. this is

> her Halloween pic and she was 4 months old. She's now 7 months and

> weighs a whopping 4lbs!

> Thanks so much!

> Robin Pichelmayer, CPC

Hi Anne,

Just wanted to let you know the Pomeranian my husband and I purchased from Sugar Creek Kennels in December is doing very well! He is now 4 months old and is doing great. We named him Fox "Ranger" Fast and our little fellow is now weighing in at 9 lbs and 2 oz. He is just adorable and a bundle of joy and love. Ranger is a beautiful pom and is very intelligent. He loves our 3 black cats, we think he thinks, he is one of them. :) Some pics are coming to you, so please be looking out for them!

Thank you,

The Fast Family

Hi Anne,

I just want to say thank you so much for the beautiful bundle of joy you brought into my home, Kobe is the cutest chug I've ever come across. He is very smart and he picks up on things very quickly, he has so much personality and is always full of energy its wonderful. Everyone one loves him, I can't go anywhere without getting stopped by millions of people. Again thank so much I'm very pleased with my new baby!!!!!

Jamie Sawyer

What is closer than a Dobie and its family

From: Maureen Blacklock []

Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 6:37 PM

To: Anne case

Subject: Rufio (aka Sugarcreek14)

Attachments: rufi.jpg

Hi Anne,

I talked to the Vet about the worms. They said you have done everything right. I guess these types of worms will lay dormant in the mothers muscles until she starts lactating and then they will get passed on to the puppy and even though they are dewormed at a certain age, the worms have a life cycle and the first worming or two will not get them all.

She said puppies generally need to be dewormed monthly for about 3 months......or something like that LOL. I can't remember how she put it all.

Rufio is doing well and we all love him like crazy. He is testing the waters of dominance and we have had to start some training but I think that is going well. Below is an insert from an email that I sent out to friends and family about some experiences we have had. It really is funny and I brought this with me to show the trainer. Wouldn't you know it, he was an absolute DREAM the whole time we were there......then we came home LOL. The trainer said she could not believe that the charming little puppy I brought with me was the same one she was reading about LOL. He is (LOL). He is very strong willed but his mommy is stronger :-)

>>>Let me share with you a bit about how things are going on the puppy training front. Sit back and enjoy the laugh. What started out as a sweet little baby has turned into a sweet little monster LOL. First of all, the word "NO!" means nothing to him. Inside he will go after rugs, feet, slippers, cats....anything at all even if it is bigger then him (and most things are LOL). If I call him (mind you, he is still on leash training inside) he will get just close enough to me that I can reach for him and then he runs to the end of the leash and PULLS!!! Tug of war is a no no and he knows this but he also knows that I am not going to let go of the leash. Hmmm so who is winning in that argument?? Outside (oh boy), he does not just dig, he nose dives right in and /chews/ the yard. I even caught him being a bird and pulling up worms LOL. Give a tug on the leash and say ...... that word that means nothing to him.... and he becomes the Taz Manion Devil......literally....twisting all over the place and zinging back and forth as far as the leash will go and then he kama kazi's right at my legs/ankles and grabs my pants and pulls and growls and shakes his head. In the meantime, I am standing there shouting guessed it....NO! and tugging the leash and the more this goes on, the more fun he is having. By now this little monster is worked up and I am ready to commit myself. I reach down to pick him up ..........god forbid I should try to walk back inside, the minute my feet are apart he is in and out and around in circles tying ME up with his leash (I can hear his thoughts while he is doing this "hehe tie me on a leash will ya?")......he starts squirming and growling (not vicious growling but over excited play growling) and just making life hell.......Whew......The puppy stages LOL

It really is comical when you are not in the thick of it. He doesn't do this all the time either. Just near the end of the day or when he is over excited. He is like a kid on a candy high LOL. We have our first training session this coming can't get here fast enough LOL <<<<<

We have a good relationship going so far. He is so cute when I play with him in the morning. I will throw a toy for him to go get and then he will run back with it and jump in my lap and chew for a while. Then he drops it so we can do it again :-)

I am enclosing a picture of him. I don't have any of him with me yet since I am always on the wrong side of the camera. I do have some with my kids and Rufio though. I can format them for sending and forward them to you if you would like those.

He is a dream and we love him!

Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:25 AM
Subject: Yorkie

Hi, it's Angelia. My sister bought the Maltese/Lhasa and I came back the next night to get the yorkie. Just wanted to let you know we LOVE our little Yorkie! We named him Aubie. He is almost 19 wks old and weighs 2lbs 7oz. He potty's outside VERY well. We are so proud of him!! He got his first haircut this week and did not like it at all. He was so scared he threw up twice and now he rubs his head on the carpet because it feels so much different. I don't know what we would do without him, we love him so much! Thank you!

I was wondering if you still had the picture of him that was on the internet. He had the blue bow on (I think). If you have that or any other pictures of him please send them to me. I have started him a photo album. The first picture is our first day at home, then his first haircut and his first shirt. : Also if you have a picture of his mom and dad, that would be GREAT!!!! Thank you so much!