Good Morning Anne:

Here are a few pictures of our sweet little pup, he is doing very well. He gets a long great with our cat, he is great with strangers, and he only barks when he excited. We have trained him to: come when called, lay down, go outside, eat your food, go to bed. He does pretty well with those. He loves to sleep in our bed but we try to keep that to a minimum. He is nearly housebroken he makes it through the night without accidents, and he doesnt destroy anything when we leave the house. I am very firm with my "No's and No Bite" commands. He is very well tempered with big dogs as well as little ones. We got his second set of vaccines yesterday and will go back for his rabies in a few weeks as well. He weighed in at about 12lbs, we feed him Canidae three times a day and he loves it. We give him about 2 cups a day. We love our little Prince and he is the life of the party whenever we take him out to the park or just around the neighborhood. I will send more pictures later.

Best Regards,

Phillip & Megan

Hi Anne,
I took my Chihuahua to the Vet today and she said he is perfectly healthy. I am so happy with him. I wish all breeders were as responsible as you are. I just love him. He is so much a part of our family it seems he has always been here. He is just a joy. Thanks so much for our baby.
Thanks, Judy

Hello Anne,

Here are some updated pics of Prince. He's gotten his ears done and our vet says that he must have champion bloodlines because his ears stood after only 6 days and have been standing tall ever since. We went with the longer crop and they look great. He is now 15 weeks old and he weighs about 28lbs. He is growing taller everyday. Thank you guys for our baby and let us know if you know of anyone that may have a red female anytime in the future.


Hi Anne,

I just wanted to thank you for the new addition to our family. Let me tell you how this came about. I wanted to get my daughter a puppy for Christmas so in April I started surfing the internet for breeders in Alabama. Well, I found an advertisement on the internet posted in the Birmingham Newspaper for a purebred Maltese for $300.00. I replied to the ad and a lady responded and said the puppy was in Nigeria with it's owner and that he was giving the puppy away but I would have to pay for the shipping which was $300.00. Initially I agreed and started the process to get the puppy shipped but when the man couldn't provide me any pictures and went on and on about giving his puppy away to a good home I became suspicious and cancelled the transaction before I provided any financial information. He even went so far as to have someone with an accent to call me supposedly from the shipping agency. When I couldn't verify who they were either I j ust left that alone. I went back to the internet and began my search again and that's when I found your site.

As I began to browse your site and saw Biskit I knew he was the one for my daughter. I sent you an email and received an immediate response. The price was right and he looked so happy in his picture. If you remember he was a surprise for my daughter and when we walked into your home and she saw him she thought he was a Gerbil because he was so small. Well I believe that was probably one of the happiest days in her life. She treats him like a baby and a toy. He is spoiled rotten. I have two teenage boys and I thought they probably wouldn't pay Biskit much attention but I was wrong. They walk him, they take pictures of him and send them to their friends, he gets rotated from room to room for sleeping and he's just the family baby. My husband even has a nightly routine of playing with him and the first time that they were home alone together my husband gave Biskit his first hair cut.

The transaction was so smooth and when we took him to the vet for the first time I was afraid they would say something was wrong with him but they said he was perfect. The nurses at the vet clinic just love him. Thank you so much. I plan to recommend Sugarcreekkennels to everyone I know looking for a puppy. In fact, whenever we take him somewhere people always ask where we purchased him and how much I paid for him. Once I tell them the price they say I got a good deal. I've been giving out your website address and hopefully you've received some contacts.

So here's our baby, our friend, our toy and our pet, weighing in at 3 pounds and 12 ounces at 3 months old.


Angelar Barber


Hello Anne,

I wanted to up-date you on Deuce (the Maltipoo). We had 4 hours to drive home after we picked him up Friday. I was so worried that he would get sick, especially on the winding roads in the TN mountains. But he was absolutely perfect. He has warmed up to us already and we are just so happy with him!

Deuce went to the vet today and everyone loved him there. He was in perfect health, as well! I will definately recommend the kennel to anyone I can. I just could not be happier!!! I have attached a photo and will keep you up-dated on how he does in the future. Thanks again for such a wonderful process.

Kathryn Head

ps: you can put this in your customer comments if you would like

Hi Anne,

I just want to let you know how pleased my son and I are with the maltepoo, “Jack”, we purchased from you last week. When we picked Jack up at the cargo area of the Pittsburgh airport, he was in perfect condition after enduring a 4-hour flight. I had been so concerned, but he looked just like his picture and he was so eager to meet us. Of course, he did very well at the vets too. They said he is perfect. I also brought him into where I work twice now and people just love him. He stays by me a little until he gets comfortable, then he runs and tumbles and he lets everyone hold him. Everyone commented on how well mannered he is and how calm and quiet he is for a small dog. At home, he follows me everywhere and the first time I asked him to sit, he did. It’s like he’s already been trained. He likes the cat we have a little too much. The cat is of course very laid back and Jack loves to say hello in an exuberant way. I was really concerned about getting a barker too, since I live in an apartment, but he has only barked a handful of times. He is exactly what I wanted.

I also want to say how much I appreciate how well the whole process went. I was really afraid of purchasing a puppy online, but you were very attentive and everything went very smoothly. I’ve recommended you to everyone who has seen Jack and said they want one just like him.

Also, if anyone who is thinking of purchasing a pup from you would like to speak to me personally I can be reached at 330-941-7160, before 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Or they can email me at

Thanks again Anne. I’ll try to send some pictures soon.

Michele Huston

Boardman, Ohio


My fiance and I got Dixie, a Yorkie/Lhasa Apso, in November of '06. We are very pleased with her. She is the social butterfly of our family. She always smells like perfume from everyone loving on her all of the time. Everyone loves her and always wants to take her home. Thank you so much for our little pup. We are looking forward to the next addition to our wonderful family, which we will also be getting from yall. The picture is Dixie after her summer haircut and with her sister, who she gets a long with very well.

Thanks, Miranda and Patrick


We purchased a black and gold yorkie from you on December 27. We took him to the vet on Friday, they said everything was good and he has to go back in 3 weeks for more shots. Sorry we didn't get in touch with you sooner we have been out of town. We named him Duke and he has adjusted very well. He loves to run wild and sleep. We also got him a collar but the smallest size was too big so he doesnt like it. :) But I've attached pictures and you can put them on your website if you'd like. We'll email you often with updates.

Mickey Godsey's daughter,


Well I am not sure you want to admit how you "accidently" advertised him for 100.00 when you meant for him to be 1000.00, though you honored it anyway. I'll never forget that conversation with Mr. Case.(laughs) At any rate, I was just beginning my second of many turns in world-wide deployments. I had taken leave from the Army to visit my wife's family, when it occurred to me that leaving my wife alone with no friends and family to comfort and take care of her was wrong. So I found Sugar Creek Kennels, and, the "Sentinel"(do to his insatiable desire to secure any area our family inhabits) has become one of the family. The guardian of my wife, and caretaker of my son that I will forever trust in. We are truly blessed as his existence allows me to breath more easily than ever before when I am absent. The number of times he has saved the day, or deterred wrongful happenings would inspire the most heartfelt of novels. I can never thank you enough~Mark Thomas


Hello Anne,

Just wanted to drop you an E-mail and let you know that Mollie Jane is doing great. Her and Max are starting to get along much better. Max was a little slow warming up to her at first, he was the only baby until she arrived. Anyway her and Max both sleep with Laura and I and sometimes I think they get more bed than I do. Ok well time to get off of here and get somethings around here done.

Take Care, Kent


The picture of Maggie alone is a few days after we brought her home. After going to the vet she checked out perfectly. They said she was in perfect health. The second picture is a more recent photo with my kids(she was about 3 months old). She currently weighs about 3.5 pounds and was 2.0 pounds when she first went to the vet. We love Maggie, she is the best puppy! Thanks for everything. I will send more pictures in a few months. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Paige Evett

Hey, my name is Erica Szeremet and in July 2005 I got a little female Pomeranian

from you all that I named Lady and in September 2006 I got a part Pug part

Pomeranian girl from you guys that I named Fatty. I am so happy with both of

them. These 2 little girls have become such a special part of my life. They have

their own car harnesses and they love to go for rides. They are such good pals.

They snuggle up to one another when they sleep. They stay inside with me, but

they love to go out for walks when the weather is cool enough. I just figured I

would send you some pictures of them now. Fatty will be 2 in a couple of months,

and Lady turns 3 in July of this year. I have not had any problems whatsoever

with them. They are both healthy and happy and as spoiled as they can be :)

Thank you guys so much!