Just wanted to write and let you know how Chloe is doing. Attached are some current pictures of her. We purchased her from you about a month ago. You had named her Cricket I believe, and we decided to change her name to Chloe. Well, Chloe is wonderful! She is the best puppy and she has been a great pet for the girls. Chloe loves to play and also loves just to cuddle with us on the couch. She is a healthy and very happy girl! We will keep you up to date as Chloe grows. She has already gained 5 ounces. Thanks for allowing us to purchase such a sweet dog!


Have a great day.


Thanks Again,

Kim Collazo




“Hello Mr. Warren! I hope you’re doing well. It has been exactly 3 weeks since I picked up my tiny female Maltipoo puppy, Nahla Paige on Thursday, July 16th, 2020. In case you're wondering, Nahla is already so spoiled rotten and it’s only been about 3 weeks, ha ha! My mom and I drove from Birmingham, AL to Sugar Creek which is about 2 hours. She was a perfect little angel and slept the entire car ride home. When arriving home she made herself right at home and it just seemed so meant to be. Nahla did wonderful at her first vet appointment and weighed in at 1.75 Ibs. I take her back to the vet this Friday, August 7th, 2020 for her booster shots. She’s been a little rockstar learning to potty outside with the command word, “go potty Nahla“. It took her a week or so to get used to crate training but she loves her crate for naps and night time now. I’m amazed at how quickly she has caught on to different tricks. She knows her name and how to “sit”, “lay”, “rollover”, and “shake”. We are currently working on “stay” and “speak”. I started to socialize Nahla the first week she was home. She loves being around children (ages newborns to teenagers) and other puppies/dogs. She adores her gazillion toys, her mommy, and her pink blanket. She travels wonderful in the car as my family and I went to Mississippi to visit my grandparents. I registered Nahla for a handful of puppy training classes so I’m excited to attend those over the next few months. Nahla is the very first puppy of my own and she has 100% stolen my heart in just 3 short weeks. She’s my best friend and knows just when I need cuddles and kisses. My family and friends absolutely adore little Nahla. Tomorrow she turns 11 weeks old and has the cutest little personality.I’m a junior in college so she will be right with me for a lot of big milestones in my life. I look forward to all the memories I will make with Nahla in the coming years.

I was recommended to Sugar Creek Puppy by 2 of my close church family friends who adopted a puppy from here. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Sugar Creek and the whole process leading up to pick up day. Mr. Warren is extremely kind, professional, and always quick to respond to any calls/texts. Thank you so much for such a wonderful adoption process and perfect little pup! I will definitely be calling you for another puppy in the future. :)”




Here are some of the pics I have taken of the blue/tan male dobe that we have named Stewey. He has fit into our household so well. I can't believe how calm he is! I have a 5yr old and a 21 mo old and he does wonderful with them. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Thank you.




Hey!! Sorry it took so long for me to get you some pictures. We've had a lot going on and just now got some batteries for the camera. We took Nemo to the vet last week he weighs 1lb now! He is the cutest little thing we have ever seen! He wants to play all the time now and he does this little thing where he just runs and runs around the house non stop. I think he's a little top heavy when he gets to runnin to fast and trys to stop his back feet come up and he just keeps on going. He doesnt do it as much now that he has grown but he used to do it all the time. We couldnt be happier with him he's the sweetest little thing.


Hey Jim,

Here's a recent pic of my Dobe.

Thanks she is the best!!!


Hey Anne!! I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the pug puppy we picked up Friday!! She's more than anyone could ask for out of a dog.. The first day or so she was kinda shy but boy have things changed.. She just plays and is a mess.. She loves playing with my Shih Tzu, Precious.. And she isn't scared of anything. And when it's time for a nap, she loves nothing better but to take one right on your lap.. I just love her to death.. We ended up naming her Tinker Bell. Everyone thought it fit her cause she's so happy all the time.. If i ever want another dog I will definately contact you first and I will definately be referring my friends to you for their puppy needs.. Thanks again so much!! I have attached a few photos of her and her daddy...

hey this is terri. i attached a couple of pictures of jasper. he is a blue doberman we bought from you. were here in bossier city and these are pictures of him after his ears have been clipped. the other doberman in the pictures is venus. i just decided to send u a few pictures of what he looks like now and how big he has gotten. he weighs about 30 pounds now. he's beautiful!!





I got a beautiful, happy, and most importantly, healthy, male, maltese puppy from you almost a year ago. I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we love our little guy. He's pretty much doubled in size weighing in at almost 11 pounds. We decided to name him Luke, I remembered that you told me when I "adopted" him that he has a sister who was adopted before him and her pet parents named her Princess Laya. So we thought the perfect name for our little guy was Luke Skywalker. He's such a joy, and I love him more everyday! He's very well trained, and he is such a quick learner. He can fetch, sit, stay, lie down, roll over, shake hands, give you five, and bring back specific toys when you ask him for them.


After going through such a horrific experience with my previous maltese who passed away due to a terminal genetic condition, prior to my adopting Luke, and the way I was treated by those from whom he was adopted, the experience I had with you and your husband was like a dream. It was wonderful feeling like Luke was part of your family, not merely a commodity, which is the way I felt about my first Maltese, Max. I can't say enough good things about you and my precious pup! That's not to say that Luke doesn't like to get into mischief, because he can certainly get into some trouble from time to time! However, the amount of joy and pleasure he gives far outweighs any frustration his mischief can cause. He is a beautiful and loving Maltese, and I am so happy that we made him a member of our family. I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you, and to give you an update on the Maltese we adopted from you almost a year ago. When we decide to add to our pet family, I know we will need to look no further than your kennel. Have a wonderful autumn season!


Best wishes,


Amanda Smith, and Luke





I just wanted to write to you and let you know how Chloe is doing. We got her in March 2008 and now she is almost one year old. She is a sweetheart. She is ready for her first Christmas. Chloe is in great health and everyone who meets her thinks she is a sweetheart. Thanks for selling us such a sweet dog. She is such a blessing.

Kim Collazo



Feb.27th, 2009


just wanted to let you know that Dakota saw HER vet for the first official time today. He said while he was examining her that she had a great disposition and before I left with her, said she was a great looking dog. She got her third set of shots and didn't even whimper. She weighed in at 21 pounds already. It seems like I can see her grow on a daily basis. We have decided NOT to clip the ears this time (it will be a first but to subject her to that for cosmetic reasons just doesn't make sense right now). She and Skylar are best friends and play all the time. Cheyenne has her moments but is slowly coming around. I will send you pictures of them, at least Skylar and Dakota, when they stop long enough to get them together in a picture. She is very spoiled and I love her to death.

Will be in touch!

Carolyn Sterger



Hi Anne,

Just wanted to say thanks for my lil man! Since he is all black we decided to call him Shadow! He has the

most beautiful shinny black coat! We took him to the Vet on Monday and everyone in the office melted when

they saw him! The vet said he was very healthy and he looked great! He is a very good puppy, he hasn’t whined

nor hardly barked since we got him. I jus wanted to thank you for your kindness and for your professionalism. I

hope you continue to run a successful business and all your future customers are as satisfied as my family and

I am. May God continue to bless you!

Thanks again,

Nikki Rowell

Hi Anne:

Two years ago around this time ~~ I purchased a Chi-Yorkie (female) from you. I was down in the Huntsville area for my son's wedding. I came to visit you with my new daughter-in-law and her mom who knew you. Anyway, I must tell you that we just adore our Milla. I have attached a photo from last summer ~~ it's not the best but she had just gotten out of the lake from up north michigan swimming with our black labs - 125 lbs and the german short hair/lab mix 105 lbs, but Milla is the BOSS !!

Anyway, everyone that meets Milla always wants to know where we got her and they want one just like her ... she has such the personality .. not your typical little dog. Anyway, have you had any other Chi-Yorkie breedings? I have checked your website but have not seen any? If you do, could you let me know.



This is a picture of the puppy with our other dogs, Khan and Troy.

The puppy went to the Vet this morning and she got a clean bill of

health (plus a microchip).


Thanks again.

Rick & Kathy


Good morning Anne and Jim: Just a note to let you know Misty is doing great. She has fit right into our household. Its almost like she has completed my household. She runs or hoops like a rabbit and loves the outside. When she is around my Bichon even though my Bichon just wants to play with her and she likes to play with my Bichon I still watch and supervise them playing. Because Misty is so little yet I don't want to take the chance of my Bichon might not instinctually hurt her.


Anyway, she is fine and I just love her to death....Richard


Here is a picture of her and our male named Lucky. The male is starting to warm up to her and they are starting to play together. We have named the puppy Cha-Cha.

I will send another updated photo later on as she grows.


Thank you,

Dave Charles



06 12 2009

Hi Anne. I am so sorry I haven't written to you earlier. We talked over the phone about a month ago concerning my little Yorkipoo I purchased from you about 3-4 months ago. She is doing great. Remember when I bought her she was so tiny. About 1.2 lbs. She now weighs 3.3 pounds and will be 5 months old the 25th of this month. She is one sweetheart. I was a little hesitant about getting one so small but I have no regrets whatsoever now as she has turned out to be an angel and so playful and loving. She and my Bichon are the best of friends and get along just great. She has had all her shots plus rabies shot and she is in excellent health. I am hoping she will get a least 5 lbs but whatever she finally ends up weighing really doesn't matter now as I love her so much just as she is. I sending you two pictures of her. She is so dark and the sun isn't out today you really cant get a good clear picture of her but I think you can still see what a great little furry she is. Well, I just wanted to follow up on our conversation with this email. Thanks again for her. You and your husband were so nice to deal with....Best Regards Richard Stone, Murfreesboro, TN.


06 12 2009



Hi Anne--

I just thought I would let you know that Bailey is doing great, and yes she has become the princess of the house and is quite spoiled. We really love her thank you so much.

Bruce & Judy Laferriere


She is really wonderful. She is so sweet, but definitely has all those ASD guardian instincts.

She fits in well with all of the animals, like she was born here. Sometimes she lays on a hill overlooking the pasture with the other dogs and other times she is out in the pasture with the livestock, and the next minute she is in the barn with the cats. She really is stunning to look at. My oldest male ASD was 87 lbs at 9 mos, and since she is 86 lbs, she may well get close to his size. He is now 33" at the shoulder and 155 lbs. If you ever hear from anyone else that has a pup from that litter, I would love to correspond and share pictures.

I am so glad we drove to Alabama to get her.

Kind Regards,




A month has passed us by since we picked up our puppy. We named her Amoree and she is very healthy and doing great. She is so lovable and is great with our young kids. We have had her vet checked and he says she’s a beauty and healthy. She is actually getting her ears cropped today and we will send pictures of her as soon as we can. Thanks for a great puppy our road trip down to Alabama from Chicago was well worth the time.



Noah's Arc is our local no kill shelter. One of their fundraising events is that they print a calendar every year. People pay to enter photos of their pets in a contest to see if they can get their pet in the calendar. They put 4 photos per month and and the number 1 photo gets to be on the cover.

They just called me and Xena is going to be on the cover. Attached is the photo they chose. I will send you a calendar when it comes out in the fall.


Kind Regards,

Kathy Swanson



Hi Anne.

We just wanted to let you know how great Harley is doing. We made the trip down to Alabama from Rhode Island, and Harley was well worth the trip. She's the perfect puppy. She gets along great with our two other dogs (a black Lab and a Springer Spaniel) and we're teaching her to be respectful of the three cats. She's learning very quickly and she's very well-behaved. Our other two dogs love the water so we're trying to get her in there. She's not too enthusiastic about it yet, but the water is cold in Rhode Island now so who could blame her? She has been to the vet and she is in perfect health. Whenever, we take her out people tell us what a beautiful puppy she is. She loves playing outside with our other two dogs, but her favorite thing to do is cuddle. She's really a great dog. We're so happy we took the long trip down to you.

Thank you.


Hay yall, this is Holly and James. We came last Tuesday and bought the little brown maltepoo. We of course named her Bella. She has done nothing but add more joy (and work) to our lives. We absolutely adore her. She is going to be just like her brother though. She has learned so much in just the first week. She can fetch and go down and up the stairs all by herself. Were big travelers and on the go people and it looks like she will fit right in. She loves to ride and enjoys seeing other people. We cant thank yall enough for bringing this beautiful dog into our lives! Yall were so nice, welcoming, and friendly! Thank yall again!

Hi, this is Halei Ryan

I bought this amazing yorkie girl from you in febuary 2008 , and I

just wanted to send you this picture of her , her name is reeci

darling and right now she's 7.5lbs my mother spoils her! She was is

perfect shape the day I picked her up from your kennel and she hasnot

ever had any problems . I'm glad I found sugar creek because I would

not have gotten my amazing little baby I love so much! Your an awesome

breeder and thanks so much



Oh my goodness, you've done it again! You have provided us with yet another precious, precious, precious, little maltipoo Anne! "Molly" is just as sweet as Max. (If not sweeter) We brought her home on Friday and it was love at first sight for Max. She's eating, pottying, and sleeping well. Matter of fact she feels right at home here. Both maltipoos are having a blast together, and we love watching them! I can't thank you guys enough, we've been blessed again. Will send everyone I know your way! Thanks a million, Jamie




Just to let you know we arrived safely. The first part of the trip he kept to his side of the seat, but by the time we were driving through Atlanta, he was sleeping curled up at my side with his chew bone tucked under his chin. Upon arriving at his new home, the first thing he did (well, second thing after taking care of business) was to canvas the whole wrap-around porch, which he liked, because he smiled. He met our German Shepherd and that went very well. They had a light meal and after some more walking around everyone settled in for the night. They have their own gated area in the bedroom for now. Up early this AM, he has had a busy day - long walk in the woods, play in our kiddie pool just for dogs, play with Heidi, explore the lake shore, and so far, two square meals. He had a loooong nap on the bed and is now playing again outside. We get lots of kisses and nuzzles - I think he's adjusting well :) Tomorrow he will have his first visit to the vet which I'm sure will be fine.


Thank you so much for this beautiful friend!



Ron and Wendy Rogers



Here are some photos of her. She had so much fun last night with all the kids! We just adore her, and I'm pretty sure she's already quite fond of us! You're right, she is a very sweet and playful girl. She's already herding the kids. Maybe she'll be able to get them into bed faster than I can. Ha! Her middle name is still Snow. We wanted to keep her original name. Her first name is now Sophie. Sophie means "wisdom". I'll definitely tell her you said hello, and rest assured, she's with a family that already loves her. We'll take very good care of her.

Have a wonderful day!




She is just an Angel!!! She is rotten beyond and I don’t know how I lived without her! She is the best natured puppy anywhere!!!


She finally weighs 3.2 lbs and will be a year old in July.


Hope all is well with you!


Ana M. Baker



Just wanted to give you some pictures of snooki :) We got her from in November 2012. She just had her first birthday September 30th! She is our baby!!! Most precious yorkie ever! She is very well taken care of and spoiled! Thank you for our blessing :)




Hey Warren Ryker has stolen the hearts of everyone including the vet and her staff, when I pulled up the driveway to Anne's house my daughter was like this isn't my Dr that's when I told her we were picking ryker up her eyes got so big it was beautiful lol we got to the door and Jim answers and brings ryker out and he instantly lit up we talked for a couple mins then went on our way I held ryker for the first few mins and he immediately began to load me with the most soft sweet kisses ever I had to give him to my daughter bc he was everywhere in my face and I needed to drive he wimpered for a couple secs since I wasn't holding him but as soon as my daughter kissed him he began to lay the kisses in her (: he ate very well last night and slept with my hubby lol that shocked me but ryker worked his charm on everyone I will send more pics over the weekend


From: Patrick LeBlanc

Sent: Monday, May 27, 2013 10:21 PM

To: info@sugarcreekpuppy.com

Subject: Little Tobie


Hey, you may not remember who I am but my name is Patrick LeBlanc. I was there 11/5/12 to look at the yorkies you had for sale and end up leaving with one. Since then he has been great. He has a strong personality, more like person than a dog at times. I was just wanting to thank you for him. We felt pretty bad about leaving him to go off to work from time to time and end up finding a little brother for him to play with just a couple days ago. Here are some pictures of Tobie though. Hope you enjoy them



Prince is adjusting well so far (he loves the floor mirrors in my livingroom). He is doing great with the pads! His playpen will be here by Friday/Saturday. He will see the Vet tomorrow evening. We will be in touch!


She is adjusting to the family so well! She has such a sweet temperament and doesn't even get frustrated at the two-year-old for loving her too hard. She is either right under my feet, or our eight year old daughter's feet all day long. She can't stand being left alone. She is getting a little less anxious now that she realizes we always come back, but when we can she loves riding around with us. Her favorite spot is right next to me. She makes herself comfy and takes a little nap. The attached picture is on our way to carline one afternoon. We couldn't ask for a better puppy. Thank you so much for such a sweetheart!


Frenchy is doing so good I just love her so much!!!! Thank you for such a wonderful little girl .

Brenda, Is this her new name Frenchy. She is so cute and she is getting a personality to match.




Just wanted to update you on Ellie and her arrival home. We took her to the vet yesterday afternoon, they said she was beautiful healthy and  she's is perfect!!! We have an appointment in 3 weeks to get her next round of shoots! She has been eating and drinking wonderfully, and using puppy pads very good! Savannah is completely in love with her new baby girl! I'm sending pictures feel free to post them on your website! Thank you again for everything & we will keep in touch and send pics as Ellie grows!



Mr. Warren and family:

Here is some photos of Donner Von Adler Wilburn (also known as) Thunder, Buddy, little rascal, and sometimes monster. Lol. He's a little over 5 months old now and weighing in at 65 lbs today. I wanted to thank you and family for having such a quality breed. I can already tell he has much better genetics than the Doberman I grew up with. Me and my family already love him so much. He has so much energy and full of spirit. His training is doing great and he picks up on commands. We all here look forward to watching him grow and learn new commands. He is surely part of the family pack already. If anyone out there is thinking about buying a Doberman, I highly recommend this breed. Thanks again to Mr. Warren and family.


Bama is 6 months old now, and the love of our lives!
                He is smart, healthy and happy!! The best dog we have ever
                  had! just wanted to share a picture!






I just tried to email you some pictures.  I hope you got them.  Emily named the puppy Max!  He is doing great!  He is very adventurous!  He loves to play and loves to be outside.  We took him to my parents’ house in AR for Mother’s Day.  They have a big yard…..he captured a lizard and drug up a dead bird!  Very proud of himself, of course!  He is pretty much house trained.  He has had a few accidents, but not many.  He is very smart!  WE LOVE HIM!  Thanks so much!



Just wanted to give you an update on the maltipoo we got from you all last Sunday, the 27th!  She is doing great!  We took her to the vet on July 29th and she weighed 1.9 ounces and she checked out perfect!  We have named her Coco and she is fitting in very well at our house, full of energy and chewing on everything!  Thank you for putting our son Rhett's picture with her on your website!



Kia's is a most inquisitive dog I ever had. So cute. She snuggles up to my back when she sleeps with me. Still don't have her or her brother potty trained.
I love them so much and now that I am not working, get to spend lots of time with them. Thank you sooo much for selling this chocolate Malti poo to me. Here is a picture day of glomming and after. When they brought her out, I just looked funny and groomer said... Yes that is Kia. Actually glad they had to cut her hair short as now I can see to her tiny body and cute eyes and face!!
My niece is wanting a little fir in doors. What do you have now or in close future?
Debbie Gatti

Hello! It has been a while but we just wanted to take the time to say Thank you! Doug and I adopted a black Maltipoo from Sugar Creek back in March of this year. We had to let you know how great she has been. ELLIE is about 8 months old, she has one white paw, a white chest, and a whole lot of character. She learned commands like "sit" and "paw", and started ringing a bell to go outside within 2 weeks of being home with us (Ellie was only 7 weeks old when we got her). Shes playful and snuggly and everyone just loves her presence. Thank you for making  the adoption process quick and stress free. I have told plenty of people about Sugar Creek. Here are some pictures of Ellie!!


windy with her new puppy 11/19/14


Hello Warren and Martha,

Here is a picture of Anubis (previously Teddy) out at Hoover Dam in Nevada. He had just gotten him a couple of days prior but had to take a road-trip to Las Vegas from California.  He was such a good puppy and wanted to look out the window on our drive there.  Don't worry, we gave him plenty of alone time to sleep too.   While my husband and daughter where out at volleyball tournaments my other kids and I used our down time to crate and potty train him.  He was kept indoors most of the time and we were extra careful not to put him down when we were out.   We are back home now and he hasn't had any accidents (as of yet).  Let me tell you he is one smart cookie and caught on right away.  I want to thank you for our little 4 legged family member.  He is absolutely beautiful and perfect.

I would definitely recommend purchasing from Sugar Creek Puppies.  The communication between Martha and Warren was effortless.   Martha replied right away via email to any questions or concerns I might have had and Warren was always a phone call away.  Both are very helpful and professional.   A couple of days before Anubis was shipped out, Warren called me with all the detailed flight information.   I recommend double checking whether it's an a.m. or p.m. arrival.  It might have been an oversight on my part of his due to the time difference, I was ready to pick him up at 8:05 am but the flight was actually arriving at 8:05 p.m.  Luckily I signed up for Delta Cargo notification and received timely updates of when the puppy was checked in, flight took off, arrived at the airport and was finally ready for pick up.  That helped easy my mind, knowing Anubis was one step closer to being home with his new family.   He arrived perfectly fine in a roomy Plastic Pet Carrier equipped with a water bowl and towel to keep him warm.  Included was a zip lock with food and medical info.  Overall, I am impressed with the service and extremely happy with my puppy.

Thank You,

Lupe Gomez